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Manufacturer: Suzuki

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Key of Ab on backorder
It's The Best of Both Worlds
Another affordable great harp from Suzuki. Combining the affordability of our popular Folkmaster with our world famous Promaster, the Bluesmaster is an easy to play, easy to own professional harmonica.
Stainless steel covers are durable and ergonomically designed for easy handling. Inside, Phosphor Bronze reeds and an ABS plastic comb give superb sound projection and tonal clarity. The rugged new Bluesmaster is virtually indestructible!
Look good, sound good, feel good, with the Bluesmaster by SUZUKI.
Case included

Product Code: MR-250

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Average Rating: 5

Highly Under-rated!

I have a variety of harps, including Lee Oskars, Suzuki Promasters and Manjis, even some customized Hohner Special 20s. A while back I picked up a Bluesmaster in G, and quickly found myself taking that with me everywhere. I recently bought the boxed set here, and every single one has played easily and responsibly right from the start! If I knew then what I know now, these would be the only harps in my case. I jam with professional musicians and these are as expressive as I can play them.

Jeff :: 29 Oct 2018, 16:52

The Suzuki Bluesmaster!

I remember when my first Suzuki Bluesmaster went out (they don't do that very often)I tested my other harps trying find that sound and playability and couldn't find it. It then dawned on me that I missed my Bluesmaster so I ordered another one and became happy. The Lee Oskars are find harps, but in my opinion lack personality. The Bluesmasters are warm and easy to bend. The Special 20s are also good, but I don't like their sharp corners. The Bluesmasters are nice and round and are very easy on the mouth. Over time and because they're reasonably priced and I like them so much I have collected all twelve keys Now if Suzuki would just make them in lower and minor keys I would buy them and be one happy puppy.

Dennis Michael Montgomery :: 23 Oct 2017, 00:30

The Suzuki Bluesmaster!

I love this Harmonica! Somehow I avoided this model for years and just now bought my first one! Because I wrongly ASSUMED that a harp at this price, 35 bucks, couldn't possibly be any good? I was totally wrong! For the price I can not recommend another harp more! I like these much more than the Hohner Special 20's. Oddly the Hohner Rocket is on a par with the Suzuki Bluesmsater! In my opinion, these Harmonicas have much better nuts and bolts and covers and reeds than the Special 20's. NOTE: The pictures I've seen of The Bluesmaster all make the harp look like the lip has a sharp grove in it, it doesn't, it's really a bad shadow from the original photo Suzuki used! It makes it look like a sharp edge on the front, it's not sharp at all, it's very well rounded and smooth as butter. I plan to buy at least one set of these great little harps Thx JGB :)

John Bradt :: 27 Mar 2017, 19:27

Larry C

I feel the same way as the previous reviewer. Was looking for the perfect "A" to play my melodies. Went thru all my bag of harps. Could not find any I liked better than that little Suzuki Bluesmaster I Purchased from Rockin Rons. Wish it had more volume. But it came in first ahead of some very good models of harmonicas that I have. Go figure. Aug 2016

Larry C :: 13 Aug 2016, 18:01

Blues to Use

I purchased the Bluesmaster after doing some serious research. I bought my first harmonicas 45 years ago, Hohner Marine Bands and Special 20's. Twenty years later, I started playing Lee Oscars. Now I'm playing Suzuki's, BluesMasters and HarpMasters. Compared to Hohner and Oskars I like the full chordal sound and the musicality of the single notes. Easy to bend, easier for me than the H & O's. Responsive and solid. The HarpMasters are brighter, but not overly airy, where the BluesMasters have a warmer, bluer tone. I'm very very impressed, so much so, I've put the H & O's on the shelf. Buy one, try one.

Steven McPeak :: 10 Jul 2016, 09:30

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