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Warranty - Terms & Conditions

All of the harmonica companies respond much quicker when the player reaches out to them first. They want to hear from YOU, not your retailer.  All the contact info is here on this page. You were emailed or sent an invoice when you ordered. Have that available.
Harmonicas cannot be returned because of health laws. Please understand tunings. Please also understand that reed plates might need to be gapped etc... Learn to adjust your harmonica reeds to your liking. It will save you lots of frustration.
Returns: Do not return anything to RockinRonsMusic without an appoved email from our company. Any items returned without contacting us first will be returned to you. if you decide to return an item just because you don't like it, you will be issued a store credit via a coupon code. If you want a refund to your form of payment then we will deduct 5% as a restocking fee.
Any and all harmonica or harmonica reed plate, cover plate or comb warranty issues are handled by the manufacturer not RockinRonsMusic.  All other issues, contact RockinRons first via email.  This is the way the harmonica companies want us to handle your issues. It also assures you that we dont have used gear siting around here. It is for your benefit to have direct contact with the maker when you feel there is a problem with an instrument. We do however follow up. So far all of the companies have taken very good care of our customers. Our job is to communicate,  have the gear you need and get it to you fast. We do that. It is worth it to do business the correct way with us. 
Any replacements should come from the companies, not the dealer. 
All sales are final. Unless approved by RockinRon. 

Warranty Information. 
Please read all info regarding each harmonica companies warranty policy. We are AUTHORIZED DEALERS for every brand and model that we offer. As with any wind instrument, harmonica and reed plate issues/defects are resolved only through the manufacturers. They want to hear from you the player not the dealer. Please forward your concerns to Hohner, Lee oskar, Seydel or Suzuki etc... Do not send your harmonica or reed plates back to RockinRonsMusic. Any harmonicas or reed plates returned to RockinRons will be sent back to the customer. We will though be a squeaky wheel for you if needed.  Legitimate companies do business the way the manufacturer requests.
International /Overseas buyers: We will not warranty Harmonicas or Harmonica Parts from buyers outside of the USA. Please understand, this is the decision of the manufacturers.  If you want warranty service available then please buy from the country you are in.
KONGSHENG  Contact Ecki  if you have any concerns or issues with Kongsheng Harmonicas or Reed Plates.
SUZUKI Harmonica Limited Warranty Suzuki Harmonicas and reed plates are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for one (1) year from the original date of purchase. Harmonicas or reed plates found to contain manufacturing defects will be, at Suzuki's discretion, repaired or replaced at no charge providing the harmonica is shipped to the Suzuki Customer Service Center, prepaid. A copy of the original purchase receipt is required. Harmonicas and reed plates are not warranted for normal wear and tear, for physical damage, abuse or modifications not performed by Suzuki. Return Procedure: If it becomes necessary to return your Suzuki harmonica or reed plates, you must FIRST call for a return authorization number (RA#). Harmonicas or reed plates returned to Suzuki without an RA# will NOT be accepted. Call  Saverio @  855 417 8677 x 2692 KMC/Suzuki USA For Chromatic issues contact Gary Lehmann - 858-254-9389 Repairs and tunes all brands.
C. A. SEYDEL Sohne warrants the harmonicas to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when leaving the factory. Harmonicas found to contain manufacturing defects will be replaced or repaired at C. A. Seydel Sohnes discretion for a period of 2 Years from the original date of purchase. This Guarantee does not include malfunction or damage due to misuse, abuse negligence nor repair or alteration not performed by C. A. Seydel Sohne INC. Guarantee service will not be performed unless your proof of purchase is received. Reeds and valves are wearing parts and are not covered by the Guarantee. Any alterations or work done on the instruments by yourself voids the Guarantee. Return and repair procedure In many different countries we have authorized SERVICE SERVICE PARTNERs available who provide a professional repair service. The customer must first call the appropriate SERVICE PARTNER for a reference number. Harmonicas returned without a reference number will NOT be accepted. If a SERVICE PARTNER exists in your country, please do not send items to the SEYDEL factory in Klingenthal / Germany. Please always add your address and a short description of the problem and send the instruments as clean as possible in a well protected package. Your SERVICE PARTNER is: Seydel President Rupert Oysler SEYDEL USA:(828)505-2346
HOHNER USA:  Please do not contact your retailer, instead call or email me,  Daniel Barton.

Daniel Barton

Hohner/KHS Customer Experience Representative
12020 Volunteer Blvd.
Mount Juliet, TN 37122
( (P):615-773-3701 
New Lee Oskar Harmonicas and replacement parts are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase. Any NEW Lee Oskar products which appear to contain defects will be, at our discretion, repaired or replaced at no charge, providing they are shipped to us prepaid by the consumer, immediately after purchase. Proof of purchase and a brief description of the problem should be included. Continued usage will render this limited warranty on new products void.
This limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse, alteration or normal wear. Due to health laws in some states, mouth-blown instruments are not exchangeable by retail stores.
Lee Oskar Enterprises, Inc., does not offer repair service for used harmonicas. The Lee Oskar Harmonica System allows players to service their own harmonicas with parts and accessories which are available at retail musical instrument stores.
Lee Oskar Enterprises, Inc.
PO Box 2210
Everett, WA 98213
Important Notice: If you have any issue whatsoever with the quality or performance of a Bushman or Buckeye harmonica, DO NOT call the retailer from which you purchased the harmonica, CALL BUSHMAN at 269-858-8773
Bushman Harmonica Company warrants to the original purchaser that Bushman harmonicas and reeds shall be free from defects in material and workmanship and shall be in tune and remain in tune under normal use and with no modifications for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase (the “Warranty Period”). If one part or more of the above identified products is determined to be defective during the Warranty Period, Bushman’s liability shall be limited to the replacement of the affected part(s). Due to health laws, mouth-blown instruments are not exchangeable by retail stores. To obtain replacement services, call 269-858-8773 with the defective harmonica in your hand. It also helps us if you have your dated original receipt indicating that the harmonica is within the Warranty Period, but if you no longer have the receipt we'll still help you.
Bushman Harmonica Company reserves the right to withhold the benefits and replacement services promised herein from anyone suspected of abusing this warranty by intentionally damaging product still within the Warranty Period in an attempt to receive free parts.
Brendan Power Please refer to his warranty page before ordering and if you feel you have an issue after ordering.
DaBell Harmonica Warranty:  Contact Benny Yoon

Brendan Power Lucky 13 or 10 Hole Diatonics.: Guarantees & Repairs, Returns & Refunds. RETURNS/WARRANTY is all done via Brendan Power. Do not contact RockinRonsMusic.

Product faults

If for any reason you find fault with an item after receiving it, you must inform us in the first week of ownership. Email us if it is concerning a harmonica, and please attach an MP3 sound clip and/or photo of the issue you're experiencing.

If the problem can't be fixed by email or phone, the harmonica or other item must be returned by you in as-new condition no later than 3 weeks after it was received. Once we receive it we will examine the reported issue. If there is indeed a problem, we will then repair or replace and re-ship at my expense, covering your return postal cost in addition. If there is no problem with the item, we will either re-post at your expense (with postal payment up-front), or offer you a refund minus 10% of the original price. This is because used harmonicas will require ultrasonic cleaning to return them to a hygenic condition.

Assuming either way that we post the harmonica or other item back, if you decide then not to keep it, it must be posted back by you in as-new condition no later than 1 week after it was received the second time. In that circumstance, once we get it back again you will be due a refund minus 30% of the total cost of your order.

How you play is important for the long life of your harmonica! Some players blow out reeds very quickly due to bad technique. You should be careful not to blow and draw too hard, or bend any notes so low that the pitch is flat. Some reeds should not be bent but in the case of those that can, just bend to the note you want, to stay in tune and not over stress the reeds. Let the harp dry out after playing and keep in its case.

All other returns received back within three weeks of initial delivery to the customer will be processed but postage will be paid for by the customer.
SHAKER MICROPHONE WARRANTY/DEALER POLICY Shaker Microphone has a one year warranty. Please have your customers deal directly with us. We prefer to personally take care of our Shaker players! This keeps us better informed on where we can improve on our mics, it gives our players more personal attention, it saves you as the dealer time, and it also serves us in keeping track of exactly how many warranties we honor, and what the repairs pertain to. We would appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Sincerely, The Shaker Folks! CONTACT INFO: PHONE (870) 422-2988 E-MAIL: ADDRESS: PO BOX 1070, DIAMOND CITY, AR 72630
1791 Gemoro cleaner: There is no warranty from RockinRonsMusic on the 1791 Gemoro cleaner. If you feel there is any issues, you need to refer to the instruction booklet

All non harmonica issues: Please contact RockinRons via Email. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping.




   Privacy Statement: E-mail addresses, phone numbers or any other form of your info will not be sold, rented or leased to 3rd parties.  We use your email and phone number to communicate with you.        

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